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Steel Craft T-12 and T-16

• Quality, Value, Lasting Beauty, Energy Efficiency

• Made from the finest quality Canadian steel and finished with primer and exterior polyester paint, the T-12 and T-16 door models from Steel Craft deliver exceptional quality and extends the life of your door.

• Polyurethane insulation provides excellent thermal efficiency.

• The T-12 model is available in White, Almond, Sandstone, and Brown. It is 1-1/8” thick and can be used on doors 6.5' – 10’ high and 8’ – 16’ wide.

• The T-16 model is also available in White, Almond, Sandstone, and Brown. It is 1-3/4” thick and can be used on doors 6.5’-10’ high and 8’-18’ wide.

• Both models have several different window options available and come complete with weatherstripping.

Grandriver Door Services Inc
Garaga STD Series

• A design choice to enhance the beauty of your home.

• These doors are made from heavy-duty corrosion-resistant steel, built to withstand the extreme Canadian weather and rough handling, making it the longest-lasting garage door on the market.

• Garaga doors have a solid interlocking joint between panels with double contact weatherstripping, creating a thermal break and preventing air infiltration. Panels are injected with polyurethane insulation, which when combined with the InterLok system between panels, provides excellent insulation and energy efficiency.

• Available in Ice White, Desert Sand, Claystone, Moka Brown, & Dark Sand. The Garaga Standard Series is 1-3/4” thick and available in 6’ – 10’ high and 8’ – 18’ wide. Custom sizes are also available.

• A wide variety of decorative windows are available for this series as well.

Grandriver Door Services Inc
Garaga North Hatley

• The North Hatley door from Garaga is one of the latest architectural trends on the market. It blends the classic charm and elegance of carriage house doors with the durability and sturdiness of polyurethane insulated sectional doors. With hardware that has a forged iron look, a complete choice of decorative window styles and the appeal of its traditional design, the North Hatley will add value and prestige to your home.

• Available in Ice White, Claystone, Metro Brown & Dark Sand. The North-Hatley is 1-3/4” thick and available in 6’6” – 10’ high and 8’ – 18’ wide.

Grandriver Door Services Inc
Garaga Eastman Estate

• The Eastman Estate door from Garaga is authentic heritage style built with a distinctive modern approach. The legacy of country estate elegance is expressed in its traditional design: a wood grain finish, hardware with a forged iron look, and a complete selection of decorative windows.

• Built thicker and sturdier than other doors on the market and using corrosion-resistant materials and finishes, the Eastman Estate door offers an airtight and weather tight seal providing a thermal break on the entire door.

• Available in Ice White, Desert Sand, Claystone, Metro Brown, & Dark Sand with a wide selection of styles to choose from. The Eastman Estate Collection is 1-3/4” thick and is available in sizes 6’ – 10’ high and 8’ – 18’ wide (choice of style may alter available sizes).

Grandriver Door Services Inc
Garaga Tech Series

• Choice and colour!

• Now more than ever the garage door is both a functional and a decorative element that gives character to a property. The Tech Series door offers a choice of colours and styles that have the flexibility to compliment today’s homes. They adapt to enhance the aesthetic qualities of your environment.

• Available in White, Nordic, Terra Brown, Sierra Bronze, Heron Blue, Ivory, Slate Blue, Grey, Universal Brown and Evergreen, with several window options. The Tech Series is 1-3/4” – 2” thick and is available for doors 5’ – 18’ wide and 6’ – 8’ high (depending on style choice).

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Clopay Model 73

• Clopay’s non-insulated Model 73 door’s steel frame and 25-gauge steel construction ensures not only durability, but also security.

• This cost-effective door selection can be customized with many different window selections, and comes in four colours: White, Brown, Almond, and Sandstone.

Grandriver Door Services Inc
Steel Craft Vintage Garage Door

• For those who wish to have the look of a Carriage House Door with the maintenance-free exterior of a steel sectional door, the Vintage Residential from Steel Craft is the choice for you.

• The Vintage is available in White, Almond, and Sandstone pre-finished exterior colours. It may also be repainted to suit the colour of your home.

• To complete the inspiration, forged black decorative hardware is available to enhance the look and give your door added authenticity.